Passenger Information System

The main aim of ASER Passenger Information System is to ensure that tram operators use the system effectively and easily.

Network System

System network topology consists from the computers, panels, and the switch that connects panels to each other. For the IPs to be used in data communication, the network topology of the system is checked. In the software infrastructure of this system, the IPs of the panels are defined at the same way in the system, which is enough to start using the system.

Main menu

The main screen of "ASER Passenger Information System" provides general control and follow-up of the software. On-screen features such as instant location of the tram, station chart, status of the tram doors, strength and condition of the GPS signal.

Station Menu

The aim of station menu is to observe the information of station/stop point, adding new station or changing it. Information such as the location information of the stations, text information to be displayed on the panels, location of the audio file and the information for distance will also be checked here.

NOTE: Password-based precautions have been taken to prevent unauthorized access to important areas of the system software and to ensure that the system is not damaged.


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