Ghost Jammer


DSP-controlled, DDS-based, embedded system design that will automatically disable radio frequency control bands by detecting drones. ASER Air Security Shield Anti-Drone Detection and Numerical RF jammer blinker / Mixer systems.

Radar Detection and Classification

Radar; is a surveillance radar capable of providing situational awareness of critical facility and security surveillance applications that are small and light enough not to be widely sold in the marketplace, at war, on the border, on the shore. The radar system integrated into the RIH class not only identifies rotating wings and fixed wings, but also automatically performs this operation instantaneously, recognizing that drone is a threat drone by distinguishing drone from birds.

RF Jamming

Our aim is to cut off the communication between the RF transceiver system and the developed RF jammer (mixer / blurter), which aims to electronically neutralize the commanded and controlled drone via remotely wireless RF (Radio Frequency) link signals. Our product is the easiest and the most common to use on the market, the control and control over the band will be able to disable the drone. The jammer technologies used for blasting RF communications are highly developed and widely used, but they focus on improving the wider impact range of the Jammer spectrum with unique designs versus threats to work and low RF output power.

Performance on Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The typical detection range performance on small and unmanned aerial vehicles of the radar is up to 6.000m in mini-unmanned aerial vehicles with fixed wing. As shown alive in many European countries, the target range for detection and classification of small rotary wing DRPs is 3500-5000 meters. This performance has been achieved without increasing the radar output power. A mobile phone is functioning as much as 1 watt with the output power of half the power of your hand. Product use, "silent" frequency modulation combined with continuous wave (FMCW) means that our radar is virtually undetectable and there is no radiation hazard.

Usage areas

Airport security, Defense of Terrorist Organizations, Military Units and Headquarters, Police Station Security, Penal and Detention Houses, Critical Areas / Meetings

NOTE: Can be mounted on the vehicle.

ASER Anti-Drone Radar and Jammer System

Tactical RF Mixer - Automatic Target Locked Servo Mechanized Electronic Warfare System


I/J Band FM Radar
HMI Interface
Automatic/Manual Doppler Target Classification
Track While Scanning
Panoramic Image
Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Radar
Low Power Output (Not Detectable)
Low False Alarm Rate
Advanced Dopler Process
The Ability to Distinguish Drones From Small Birds
Notice of Warning in Hazardous Territory
Mean Time Without Failure > 20.000 h
Vehicle Configuration
Low Life Cycle Cost
Sea Clutter Filter
Day & Night, suitable for All Weather Conditions
360° Situational Awareness
Detection and Classification
24 Hours Continuous Operation


Automatic Ineffectiveness
High Impact Distance
Based on DSP
DDS Controlled
Numerically Controllable
Drone Almaç Devresine White Noise Transmission
GPS Mixing
Hight Power RF Power Amplifier
High Resolution DAC


Enviromental Surveillance Suitable for All Weather Conditions
Targert Identification
Eligible Cost
Target Identification
Thermal Energy Analysis Diagnostic Equipment

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