The WinASER system is a software and hardware based high-tech product that enables the operator to automatically perform the machine road repair after system data loading, according to the data loaded in the system.

Measurement and Operation Mode

Within the WinASER system, there are two different mode to use as "measurement" and "operation" mode.

Measuring mode can be plotted on the line with the tamping machine, measuring the distance, right and left level, and the graphs of these values ​​to be synchronized with the path Km information on the screen.

In the operating mode, the machine allows to process the line geometry data that the operator loads on the system. In the working mode, the geometry data uploaded to the system by the operator on the graph can be observed in different colors in the related graphs, and at the same time the machine can observe the versine-cant-leveling measurements on the same graphs while operating the machine.

These graphical images can be saved in the file under the desired name on the computer and can be moved via portable memory.

Vehicle Type

WinASER allows installation to the desired machine type and supports all kinds of machines. Entering properties into the system of the desired machine is sufficient.

Processing of Line Geometry Parameters

Automatic path repair starts with the installation of the dressage-leveling / versine-cant values for railway line geometry information into the WinASER system.

In this way, the system is ready to operate faster than the need to re-enter the line information every time operator login.

WinASER processes automatic road repairs on the basis of stop points. The stopping point is the point at which the railway line geometry begins to change. The stop points are shown as white dots on colored geometry lines on the graphs.

Curve Information

Using the curve parameters entered into the system, according to the position data coming from the counter, necessary values ​​are instantly calculated and reach to the machine as analog output data.

Since the directional switch on the machine needs to be changed when the direction of the cant changes in the curves, the system gives a visual warning with 10 meters of clearance to the deflecting direction change.

Synchronization to Stations

The distance information is precisely calculated by WinASER thanks to the counter placed on the machine of the front wheel. For the synchronization information, the operator is visually and audibly warned at a distance of 10 meters to the defined stopping points.

Within the synchronization range, the "Next Stop" meter backlight turns red and the operator is warned aloud. As soon as the operator presses the synchronization key, the position is automatically synchronized to the stop point and the WinASER starts to process the data of this point immediately.

Synchronization Between Front and Back Operator Cabins

WinASER is written both in the back cabin panel and in the front cabinet panel. It is possible to monitor and control the system at the same time from the front cabinet or back cabinet panel while WinASER is running.


The WinASER program allows the reporting of data taken both at the measurement time and at the run time. The WinASER Reporting feature allows data to be saved in PDF format and saved as a digital output or document output.

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